Credit Application Process

Hardware leases and financing for IT projects ranging from $10,000 to $2,000,000. It requires:

  • a signed credit application,

  • copies of the last three months summary pages for business bank statements,

  • part #s and descriptions of the IT equipment being financed,

  • basic information on the project(s),

  • Seller's (manufacturer or approved reseller) information. We must be able to procure the units and/or make payments directly to approved reseller, distributor, or manufacturer.

  • Full technical specification on the IT equipment or device,

  • a current debt schedule

  • two years audited or reviewed year-end financial statement. (If the business financial statements are not audited or reviewed we will need the corresponding tax returns as well)

  • a current interim and the last 2 years tax returns

  • personal financial statement on the business owners.

Situations with greater amount may be split into multiple smaller transactions and funded through multiple lenders



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